Viva Inka Gold

Hi Everyone

Our latest shipment of Inka Gold has arrived….what’s Inka Gold you ask???  Here’s what Viva say:

Viva Decor’s Inka Gold is a revolutionary product that produces an amazing metallic finish without any toxic chemicals. With beeswax as one of the main ingredients, Inka Gold is safe and easy to use in all crafting and home decor projects. Just rub it on and polish! Inka Gold comes in 20 brilliant high opacity colors. One jar of Inka Gold can cover up to 80 square feet. Excellent for refinishing or accenting furniture. Also great for paper mache boxes, chipboards, paper crafting and much more.”

To me, Inka Gold is a bit like ‘Rub n Buff’ that we used back in the 90’s.  You can apply it using a paint brush, but my preferred method is via Cut n Dry foam.  Dip your foam in the Inka Gold and rub (and buff) it onto cardstock, timber or anything you are applying it to.

There are 17 colours and the consistancy of Inka Gold is a thick paste and a small amount goes a long way.  The pots are 50gms and are $9.30 each

Happy Stamping

Lava Red
Yellow Green